Note how the aluminium fixing plates join the aluminium eaves beam. You can also see the hardwood corner post which fits between the two hardwood windows.



A heavy duty aluminium eaves beam sits on top of the window frames. This carries the weight of the roof which is evenly distributed around the beam.



A close up of the fixing detail near the corner of the eaves beam.



Showing the weather seals which maintain a water tight fit around the eaves beam.



A heavy duty hip bar being carefully fitted and secured onto the eaves beam.



Adjusting bolts to tighten up the jack rafter to the eaves beam.



Underneath the finial the jack rafters fit into and form an integral part of the mounting.



A close up of the 25mm thick, 5 ply tinted polycarbonate roofing material. You can choose this material or double glazed laminated glass.



Fitting and checking that the roof sheets and securely fixed.