Batons are fixed on to the house wall, to these will be fitted plasterboard.



This operation is commonly known as strap and lining. When the back wall is finished and "aims taped" you can paint it, wallpaper it or whatever you feel like.



Electric cabling is fitted behind the framing to allow the electrician to wire switches at a later date.


We can cut through the existing wall and in this situation, fit a hardwood door of the same quality as the conservatory. We can obtain any necessary building warrants, planing permissions and completion certificates for you.



Tanalised chipoboard being fitted and screwed onto batons.


A small corner of the conservatory showing the plasterboard aims taped and ready for decorating. You can also see the hardwood cill beneath the window. Our customer chose a plasterboard finish to the internal dwarf wall. If you look closely you will notice the wall is ready for decorating.



The electrician is seen connecting one of the double sockets to the internal dwarf wall. You have the choice of quality, colour and where they should be placed.



The electrician is seen connecting a double dimmer switch to the internal back wall.