See what your completed conservatory will look like. A FREE service from Alternative Timber.

Our computer graphics DigiCam system allows us to show you exactly what your conservatory will look like on completion, before a single brick is laid.

This free service allows you to choose the conservatory which most suits your needs and view the 'completed' project from a choice of angles.

The pictures below show the original photographs of two customers homes. By moving your mouse over these photographs you can see how the DigiCam system helps to give you an impression of what the completed conservatory installation will look like. You can try many different styles until you find the one that best suits your requirements.

The building proprietor may, as well as if needed by the adjacent proprietor, will underpin or otherwise strengthen or secure the structures of the adjoining owner's structure or framework to the extent needed. Party wall

Choosing the right style of conservatory or finding a bespoke solution for your requirements can now be a simple, effective and enjoyable experience.

Whether you have a clear picture of what your conservatory should look like, or whether you would just like to see how a conservatory could enhance your home, let us help.