A beautiful, carefully planned conservatory will give you the space to do what you want with. The possibilities are boundless.

Banish the notion of the glorified greenhouses of old. Today's technology ensures that a conservatory is a space to relish and where you can feel secure. A space where the only limit is your imagination.

A conservatory can be the perfect place to wind down.

A blend of comfortable furniture, beautiful plants, great music and lights are the ultimate setting for relaxation and enjoyment.

By bringing outdoor space into the heart of your home, conservatories capture the magic of the Mediterranean, even during the longest winter.

There is nothing like eating in the comfortable surroundings of a stunning conservatory. This is an environment which makes meal-time a pleasure.


A well planned conservatory playroom allows you to store toys and games all in one area, rather than scattering them throughout your house. With access straight into the garden, conservatories offer serious play opportunities.

You might be forgiven for thinking that conservatory roofs are much of a muchness. Not so. As well as looking good, they have to withstand sun, rain, wind and snow.

To ensure the best possible roofing solution for your conservatory, we rely on the latest systems from Quantal, one of Europe's leading conservatory roofing manufacturers. As a result, we offer a choice of roofing materials and a variety of finishes including white, brown or light oak and 'Mahogany' finish. Each roof we supply offers the ultimate in climate control and stunning good looks.


Thank goodness for choice!

When it comes to selecting a conservatory, you need to think about what would suit your lifestyle and your house best. Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian or Sunroom, we offer the widest range of specially designed solutions.

Forget the blanket approach, we make it our business to give you as many options as possible.

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Just look below at some of the styles that we can supply. For a closer look Simply...click on the style of your choice.

3 Facet Victorian
5 Facet Victorian
Lean To
Gable Front
T-shape Victorian
Corner Infill
Lantern Style
Special Projects
Special Projects

With Alternative Timber's amazing 'DigiCam' system, you can see how your choice of conservatory will look attached to your own house, and this free service places you under no obligation whatsoever. We pride ourselves on our standards of construction and service and our 'Building The Conservatory' section covers the process from start to finish, with each stage clearly explained.